Berkshire Hathaway 50th Anniversary Book & Print

I've been a Berkshire Hathaway fan and shareholder for more than 10 years now. So to kick off Explorist's Berkshire Story, I'm glad to announce the following items, both of which will be sold at this week's shareholder meeting in Omaha.


A detailed data visualization of Berkshire Hathaway for the 50 year period of leadership under Warren Buffett. From September 1964 to December 2014, the price of Berkshire Hathaway stock rose 18,262x, or over 21% annually. These charts detail the history and driving factors behind that growth. Most of the financial data was obtained from a full collection of Berkshire annual reports from 1965-2014.

The medium is a 36" x 18" matte print that looks just as good as wall poster as it does framed in an office.*

Data on the poster includes:

  • Line charts of: Berkshire's stock price and book value per share (the "main characters"), the S&P 500 and Consumer Price Index (the "rivals"), The Washington Post, GEICO, General Foods, Coca-Cola, Wells Fargo, and American Express (the "supporting cast").
  • Annual breakdown of contributors to BV/share growth by category: Investments, Income, Underwriting, Retail/Service, Financial, Utility/Energy, etc.
  • Snapshot of balance sheet each year as a percentage of equity, including net liabilities (leverage) and their source: insurance float, debt, deferred taxes, etc.
  • 50 year price-to-book chart including stock issuance and repurchase dates.

The poster will be available to shareholders at the meeting for a discounted price of $16. They'll also be available online a month or so after the meeting.

(* Prints are rolled & shrink-wrapped. To unroll safely for display, see this answer on Quora.


This book is an update of the previous editions of the "Letters to Shareholders" book. It includes the most recent letter, giving the book 50 letters and 769 pages in total. 

The version sold at the meeting is a limited "50th Anniversary" hardcover edition. The cover is a dust-jacket-less midnight black with gold embossing. It looks quite good on a bookshelf. There will only be 1,000 copies printed due to the hardcover cost and limited demand, and as such each copy will be about 2x the price of the original.

At the meeting, the discounted shareholder price will be $37.33. Any copies not sold at the meeting will be sold online (from this site) for $49.

After both this and the 2013 editions sells out, later this year Explorist will release a print-on-demand version (paperback, slightly lower quality paper, more time to deliver) that anyone will be able to purchase from then on. As always, the Kindle edition of the book is also available for $2.99, updated annually.*

* Update (November, 2015): The limited hardcover edition is currently sold out. See here for the print-to-order hardcover edition.

Max Olson
Head Storyteller
Explorist Productions

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